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VIVE Tracking Problem  

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Hello .

I am struggling with Aximmetry for a month now it doesn't matter how much I tried I couldn't fix my tracking problems .

I am using blackmagic decklink 8K and I have converter for my SDI to my camera ( I am using a Canon camera with Sigma Lens 24-70 )

I don't know if should I measure something on not ?

but in your tutorials on youtube ( which I watched 100 times ) I didn't see you measure anything .

maybe I am doing something wrong with origins ? cuz I don't get exactly what origins do .

so my footage sliding on my environment . not much now cuz I played with it a lot , but I can't get it accurate .

it would be a great help if you help me .

I am using VIVE Tracker .

Thanks a lot .

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Posted : 28/12/2020 1:32 pm
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Hey Antonio,


in one video ( he is speaking exactly about that...

You can also watch few other videos from Greg Corson, like this one for example

Or this one

There's also one plugin that you can try from the Unreal marketplace:

Following Richard's example, buy zooming in and out on the lens I managed to fix the Virtual object to the flor so it doesn't move that much.

But, you can't expect much of the Vive as your tracking solution. If you can, consider other more expensive tracking solutions like Optitrack, Mo-sys, Stype, etc...


I hope you get it right soon.

Happy New Year 🙂



Posted : 31/12/2020 3:49 pm