Virtual Production with Unreal Engine just got even better

Yesterday the newest release of Unreal Engine shipped which is version 4.25. And it has many improvements to the workflow for us in the film industry

It seems like they’re pushing hard to evolve the support for nDisplay which is the concept they shot The Mandalorian with. This is something I haven’t toyed with and are more interested in the improvements in green screen and compositing area.

So here’s my top two favourite new or improved features

Color Difference Keyer

This is a video from Andy Blondin who works att Epic Games showcasing the new Color Difference Keyer(CDK) that they’ve been working on. Which is a powerful keyer that yields great results.

Composite Plane

This is a gamechanger. It’s pretty much a projectionplane where you project the live feed onto a 3D plane in the the 3D world. If you attach this plane to a tracking device like the Vive Tracker in the above example you can have the actor walk around in 3D space both in front and behind 3D objects.

These are the features I’ve been waiting on and it’s really now Virtual Production gets interesting.

Richard Frantzén Level 4

Written by Richard Frantzén

Founder of Swedish Virtual Star Studios that specializes in Virtual Production


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