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My name is Richard Frantzén and I’ve been very interested in virtual production for some time. My background is in the traditional film- & photo industry where I worked both in post-production and as a producer/director.

Today I’m starting – the collaborative hub for virtual production resources, inspiration and information.

Hard to find information

It’s been quite hard to find resources and information to learn more in this field. Probably since it’s such a new area that’s constantly evolving and also because it been such a steep price point to get into virtual production. But in the latest year or so with the help of Unity and Unreal Engine this is something that’s been easier to get into.

We have a lot of great gathering spots, for example, Matt Workmans excellent facebook-group and also my own Discord-channel but what I find that’s lacking on these platforms is a centralized hub where resources, news, tutorials, and discussion is easily searchable.

A new era

I feel that we are on the brink of a revolution, I’ve in the past compared the times right now to early 2010 when DSLR-revolution meant getting cinematic quality in a video was available to everyone. I’ve got the same feeling here but for virtual production, today it’s totally possible for one guy to make a whole space epic in his basement that’s comparable in quality to a large Hollywood-production. That’s what I want to do with and in no way compete with the other channels but I see it more as an added resource to the community. Especially for us indie-guys. To create a centralized hub for information in the virtual production-field.

Searchable database of talent

One added bonus with this website is that I want to build a thriving community with a searchable register of for example talented artists, cinematographers, directors, mocap-artists, and more. This registry could be used to find people to collaborate within your country or worldwide.

Searchable database of talent

Collaborative community

I’m just a one-man-band but together we could make something really awesome here. The website is built so that everyone can submit posts and be a creator for the website. If you are interested, feel free to sign up and start posting content here

Hope to see you inside!

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/Richard Frantzén

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Written by Richard Frantzén

Founder of Swedish Virtual Star Studios that specializes in Virtual Production


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